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The Mad Tea

Garage pop duo Mad Tea’s high energy rock ‘n’ roll creates a freakout rock ‘n’ roll vibe everywhere they go. Listeners are drawn to the dance floor by one-man-band Jason Krekel’s driving drums and surf guitar licks and the punchy beat of Ami Worthen’s guitar and tambourine. Tight harmonies, catchy songs, and a playful sense of humor tie the sound together.

As the Independent Weekly put it, “Retro rock can be divisive: If one decade is the pinnacle of pop, the next might be the end of days, and vice versa for the next listener. But multiple generations might agree on this Asheville duo.”

Krekel & Ami

Krekel is also visual artist, creating hand-carved ephemera.
See his work at www.krekprints.com.

Ami sometimes posts things at: www.amiwhoa.com.


In addition their dynamic live show, Krekel and Ami have put out solid recordings. Their most recent 7” EP, “Rock n Roll Ghoul,” was produced by garage rock legend Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound, Oblivions). No Depression described Mad Tea as a “punkabilly band” and said the record “digs up the bones of classic ‘60s garage rock.”

“Rock n Roll Ghoul” was the second in a series of Halloween vinyl releases for Mad Tea, the first being 2009’s EP “Zombie Boogie.” Both records were featured in the popular horror movie mag Rue Mourge, in addition receiving enthusiastic blog and radio exposure. Prior to these EPs was a full-length album, “Found a Reason,” which was released on Nine Mile Records in 2008 with much critical acclaim.

Note About the Name

The band has played under the name Mad Tea Party for years, and sometimes still does, but now prefers to be called Mad Tea.

Additional Materials

mad tea stage plot

Press Photo – click image for high res version.
Credit: Max Cooper
the mad tea by max cooper


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  2. thanks, will do

  3. Thanks, John!

  4. Friend of mine turned me onto you folks and I just wanted to drop by and say how much I LOVE your vibe! Hope to catch yous twos guys live sometime soon!

  5. Thanks, billy FRED!

  6. Yall can and do ROCK my World every time!

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